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So did yixing from exo. :( Why do they keep fucking up?


bc they r humans????? and not an excuse but like we’re lucky that on this site a lot of ppl have a grasp on social issues but let me tell u when I log of here and go back outside it’s like a punch in the face of really shitty stuff that I now know is really fucked up but had no idea about before I joined this site??? so like please don’t be sad friend, don’t expect more from ppl than u should bc like not everyday has what we have accessible to them bc like I know ppl get tired of having to answer SJ questions on here all day and are like GO GOOGLE IT but tbh I wouldn’t hae even had any ideas of what to even google w/out the stuff I see on here so until good information is as easily accessible and passed around as the harmful stuff we’ve already been socialized to believe I do not want u to stress urself out too much over no lil boys in a band Bc I was just as bad as any suju or exo member at one point and it takes a lot to unlearn all this shitty ass well shit for lack of a better word

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neon genesis evangelion

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Everyone’s like “how can Minho be any good at rapping when we have real rappers like bts???” Well all I know is; at the end of the day, one of them isn’t using black people as accessories at any given moment, and can stay in his own lane. Stop trying to drag Minho. stick that in your juice box and suck it.

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This is seriously the cutest thing ever. I might throw up

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140729 Instagram Update© Jaden Jeong’s Instagram

140729 Instagram Update
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